When we were growing up, we were constantly faced with the adversity of being different or not fitting in with social norms. Our individuality and unique qualities were punished. We were searching for a part of life that we didn’t experience when we tried to satisfy others’ expectations, a feeling of acceptance. When we first met each other, we both felt that for the first time, we were in the presence of someone and were being supported to be exactly who we wanted to be. As we grew together and began to develop in our own ways, we realized that we wanted to create a space where everyone could have access to the boundless support we feel when we are working with each other. As our gifts developed and restored our vitality, we were exposed to the world of Holistic Healing. Here we encountered some incredibly positive experiences and also some not so positive experiences. Inspired by the quality of the positive experiences, and motivated by the not so positive experiences, we decided to provide services centered around using your potential to create the outcome you want to create.


Aside from our services, crystals have always been a part of our lives. Whether it was traveling to the local crystal store or  finding holiday gifts for each other online, the topic was almost always crystals. We were magnetized to them, initially we had no idea why. We began to realize how much better we felt during our day when we had a crystal or two in our pocket. We felt supported, held and protected even when we were in a place we didn’t want to be in, it was like we had our pockets full of friends. With our experimentation, we realized that when we went into a crystal store or didn’t feel good energy from crystals we ordered, that we almost always had to bury them in the ground or cleanse them for sometimes months before we could be with them. As we began to supply crystals at our local farmers market, we focused our efforts on supporting our community and to spread the positive energy we experienced. We found that the sources that were readily available to us didn’t have crystals that felt good, and they certainly did not have the same intention we did. We knew that there were crystals that felt good because we had gotten them before, we just didn’t know where to find them. We traveled the country searching for good-feeling ethical crystal sources so we could share them with you. When we found sources in the USA and established direct connections with suppliers overseas, we decided to go all in to build the foundation of our business around providing these crystals to the public. 


As we grew from the local farmers market to an online platform, we began to expand our vision to a global perspective where we devote ourselves to becoming a source of ethically sourced, healing crystals to everyone in the world. We have since discovered that our vision includes creating a space where like-minded people could connect and share their experiences, their love, and their support for one another. We are working to build a community where we can all feel loved and respected for who we are. Through this platform, and with your support, we are beginning to see our vision come to life. Regardless of who you are and why you are here, thank you for being here. We are grateful for you and we love you.

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Hey all, I’m Max. I am the one who picks out, cleanses, and cares for all the Crystals that you see on our platform. I was pursuing a career in the biomedical field when I started to work with Crystals as Healing Mediators. When I began to feel disconnected from the career I was pursuing, I set off to discover my true passion and my connection to my purpose. In my journey, I am and always have been, accompanied by Crystals in some way. In allowing them to assist me in my own healing journey, I saw the possibility of how Crystals could impact those who were seeking to heal themselves with their own power. I saw their life and their love through their connection to the beings they chose and the Space they came from. I felt how important it was to integrate the Crystals into my passion for healing and my passion to help others. I began to integrate them into my Energy Healing and my passions of Jewelry Making and Cooking. I began to incorporate them into every aspect of my life from daily companionship to healing to evolving my space and my soul. They are an integral part of my life and I offer them this space through my passion to share their love with the world and my intention to connect them to the souls they came here to assist. On this platform I offer my energy through the containers of: Animal Spirit Card readings, Guided Meditations, Coaching, Intuitive Sessions, and my Love through the Crystals. I hope that you Love this platform that you have created. If there is any space that you feel you need to connect with me, you can find me through instagram @theintuitivebalance or my personal instagram @maxknauf. You can also contact me through my email I Love you and thank you for being here.


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The best way I know to describe myself is that I am a creator within many mediums. Drawing and designing have been such a huge passion in my life for as long as I can remember. Recently completing a BFA in Industrial Design from UW-Stout, my studies allowed me to discover a new passion for the art of CGI (computer generated imagery), currently being expanded by generating product renderings and animations. Just getting started on my learning journey, I am very eager to uncover a method of spreading high vibrational energy through this technology, directly onto this platform. I have known Max since we were 16 years old and feel blessed that our connection has remained so strong throughout the years allowing our intentions to now manifesting into reality. I am filled with gratitude to be a part of visualizing this space into its current platform and will love to watch it grow. Thank you for joining in on the experience that is The Intuitive Balance. You can find me on instagram @owenspartz and if you are interested in seeing some of my design work you can find my current portfolio here.