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Crystals for the Holidays

Updated: Feb 2

The Best Crystals For The Holidays

The Holidays can be a hectic and chaotic time for a lot of people. While it may be magical, holiday events are often reminders of emotionally impacting and traumatic events. From inter-family conflict to past partners and friends, the holiday time is when these emotions will feel the most powerful.

Black Tourmaline to transform negative emotions

Black Tourmaline is the first crystal that I would recommend to keep with you or to get a larger piece for your home space. Black Tourmaline comes from a variety of localities in the world, appearing on almost every continent. The best kind of Black Tourmaline for this circumstance, in my opinion, comes from Brazil or India. Brazilian Black tourmaline is amazingly assertive and uplifting while Indian Black Tourmaline is extraordinarily grounding and ‘come to earth’ energy. As always, please use your intuition to choose what is best for you- what is best for me and my community might be entirely different from what you need in your situation.

Pyrite for Protection and Abundance

Abundance to resolve past emotional trauma? Sounds odd right? Here’s why its extraordinarily helpful. Pyrite not only helps to protect you from external emotional and energetic invasion but its ability to attract and resolve internal attraction channels (in your body) can help to break through limiting beliefs, mindsets and open doors to new opportunities and positive relationships. Whether it’s physically or emotionally, financially or otherwise, pyrite will help you to become open to new possibilities and to resolve the past.

Elestial Quartz for Enlightenment and Positivity

Elestial Quartz is extraordinary in its ability to completely shift situations into a positive outcome. Not only is its physical appearance absolutely stunning, its emotional-energetic value will turn your exhaustion into elation and gratitude. If you have never seen a piece of Elestial Quartz before, look up a picture online. There are far too many to fit in this article. The quartz has formations on the outside that look like crystals stacking themselves on one another, the formation reminds me of the ancient Dwarven/Elven cities that you see in movies, built along the cavern walls.

To use these crystals effectively, I highly recommend that you purchase one large piece and one piece for your bedroom nightstand. If you can also get one for your pocket- please do. The more familiar you become with them, the more that they can help you and ultimately the more that you can help them to have the greatest effect on yourself, your home and your space.


Place the Black tourmaline in the space that incurs the most conflict. The most effective placement is going to be on the floor in the corner of the door where everyone enters. I also recommend placing a large piece underneath or on top of the table where everyone gathers or sits. These placements for the Black Tourmaline are going to give it the best opportunity to suck out and ground any negative or conflicting energies. You may notice that any conflict that does incur is going to be completely unguided and oddly intense. It will quickly dissipate with both sides open to resolution.

Place the Pyrite in the kitchen, between the cooking and eating areas and also in the area where people rest afterwards. This will give everyone there a very direct feeling of distinction between what they are truly feeling and what is trying to influence them/what is a product of the past. This will open more opportunities for resolution and also to quell conflict before it begins

Place the Elestial Quartz somewhere noticeable. Whether its the corner of the table where people are getting food, on top of a cabinet or as a statement piece. The most important part of the Elestial Quartz placement is attention and noticeability. Just getting its attention to people will allow its energy to positively influence them and the space. Encourage touching and interaction with this piece.

As Always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. If you would like to get these crystals from me, please let me know. I am more than happy to select pieces for you.

Have an amazingly relaxing and peaceful Holiday season filled with love and resolution.

Everything has been written by the same hand. You always have everything you need.


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