How Do Crystals Work? How Can We Use Them?

Updated: Jun 16

In basic biology, we were taught that all molecules (Atoms) are moving. Do you remember the lesson of Solids, Liquids and Gasses? Solids move very slowly, retaining their solid structure. Liquids move more quickly than solids and they have the ability to create their own shape depending on the container they are in. Gasses move very quickly and can fill spaces but are challenging to contain. Since our bodies are made of a combination of solids, liquids, and gasses, we can know that we have many different molecules moving at different speeds inside of us. We can call this movement energy or frequency.

Each person is unique, meaning that each of us has our own unique energy. Crystals are very similar. Each crystal is composed of different kinds of elements which create a unique but consistent, since they are solids, energies. One Crystal might be a pure Quartz structure containing a bubble of pure water inside. Quartz is a crystal that amplifies the energies around it and inside of it. Knowing this, we can say that this crystal will have the energy of pure water. Water is known to purify, therefore, if we are needing to purify our body we may use that crystal to purify our body. The same can be said for Crystals that contain trace metals, metals like Copper are also known to purify the body, specifically blood. Therefore if we are needing to purify our blood or a heart related ailment, we may use a Copper-Crystal to purify our body.

The best way we have found to visualize this process is to imagine yourself and crystals as magnets. Magnets have the ability to attract, repel and transform metals. Remember how some magnets stick together, some push apart, and some can even magnetize other metals that are stuck to them? Similarly, some crystals attract energies to them and then become a constant source of that energy. Have you ever been around someone who always attracts specific people to them? Some Crystals also repel specific energies, creating an environment where there can only be certain energy. An example of this would be a Crystal that repels negative energy, just as a person who is purely happy will also repel energy that may negate happiness. Have you ever been around someone so calm or so happy that you could only feel the same way? Some crystals can also transform energies into other energy. Have you ever felt frustrated or angry around someone who transformed your mood just by talking to you? Lastly, while some magnets and people have more prominent qualities than others, most express a variety of the qualities we described! That means that there are Crystals as well as people who have the ability to express each of the qualities: Attraction, Repulsion, Magnetism/Transmutation and more at any given time!

When using crystals, we can hold them, place them on our body or connect with them when they are near us. That means that whether Crystals are in the same room, under the ground, in our pocket or in our hand, we can connect with their energies.

This post has been designed to be an introduction into crystals, energy and us- how we work and work together. There are topics that we intentionally omitted such as: The colors of crystals and the relation to their properties, colors and chakras, color therapy, color identification and more relating to the color energies in our own bodies. We will go over these topics in future posts along with how to use and combine crystals for different purposes like Healing, Decoration, Business and Home, and more!

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through our website access or through any of our social media platforms. We Love you and thank you for being here : )

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