How To Work With Crystals

Updated: Jun 16

In this article, we are going to describe some general methods of how we can work with crystals with the intention that you will be able to discover your own unique connection with crystals and how you can more deeply connect to them in your life. We hope to answer the questions of: 'How Can I Use Crystals Everyday', 'What Crystals Should I Carry With Me', 'Where Should I Keep My Crystals', and 'How Can I Know How I Work With Crystals'. In our previous article ‘How Do Crystals Work’, we went over the basics of crystal mechanics and how our bodies connect with their energies. If you have yet to read the “How Do Crystals Work” article, I strongly recommend that you take the time to read it before continuing with this post. However, if you are familiar with crystal mechanics, let’s get started!

As we know, or have understood in our own way, we and crystals are just like magnets. We both have the ability to attract, repel (express), and magnetize (transform/transmute) energy! When we work together with crystals, just like how we work together with other people, animals or others, we are creating a dynamic team of combined qualities and capabilities. Just like a team in a business or in sports, some people fill unique positions, like a goalie, quarterback or a CEO. Some fill support positions such as manager, a middle player or a safety, and some fill over watching or ‘silent’ positions such as a coach, board member or company manager. Each Position has unique qualities and every position is linked to the others, it is sometimes helpful to visualize ourselves, our crystals, plants and helpers as being similar to a familiar team dynamic. Whether it be a sports team, a business or any other unique formulation, what feels the best for you is what is best :)

Now that we have a visualization of how crystals fit in with our team, let’s talk about how we can work with crystals to create the outcome or effect we want. To start, let’s focus on carrying crystals on our body, in our pockets, bras, socks or on jewelry- wherever you want them to be is perfect!

When we work with crystals in this close space, we are creating a team with our body as the central focus. When we have crystals on our left side, our bodies are intaking that crystals energy into our body. Think of your left hand being a magnet that pulls things to it or pulls energy into it, and your right hand as being a magnet that repels things or expresses energy out of it. Now this will be the case for the majority of those of you reading it, however we have experienced people who express with their left and attract with their right. We have also witnessed other phenomena regarding attraction and expression in peoples’ bodies, what feels right to you is what is right for you- follow your feeling to discover the intricacies of how your body works!

The following examples will be from the perspective of ‘Left side attract, Right Side Express’: For instance, when you have a crystal for Empowerment or Motivation, wearing it on your left side will bring that energy into your body and amplify or heal your body’s connection to that energy. When we have crystals on our right side, we are projecting or giving energy to those crystals- this means that we will give them fuel to create the outward response we want. For instance, when you have a crystal for protection on your right side, you are giving energy to that crystal to create an outward response of protection- meaning that the crystal will express its protective qualities outside and around your body. When you carry a crystal of love or a crystal that dissolves stress on your right side, you are giving the crystal energy to create that effect around you. These qualities will have an effect on your environment and the people around you- creating an environment that nurtures you will put less stress on your body and allow you to function better as well! This is where we will leave you for now, look for future posts where we will discuss how to use crystals in your business and home, how to use them in healing and so much more! Until then, We Love You and Thank You For Being Here <3

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