What is our Intuition and how does it work? Why is intuition important? Are there ways that I can strengthen my intuition?

Have you ever known something without having prior knowledge or training? Or maybe have been pulled to or ‘felt’ to go somewhere or do something, seemingly without any reason? That energy is your intuition. Our Intuition is like a magnetic string that is connecting us to the path that we will travel to become our true self. When we feel to do something or go somewhere, intuitively, that is most often our intuition pulling us to the path that will bring us closer to our true goals. The importance of our intuition is that it is the ‘true’ voice or guiding force that brings us into our alignment. This is different from our ‘gut feelings’, often we confuse our gut feelings with our intuition! The difference between them is that our gut feelings are the conditioned responses that our body has stored from our life experiences. These could be responses that have been ingrained into our body from fear, trauma, or survival as well as premeditated expectations and conditioned desires! This means that when we have a gut feeling, it is our body saying ‘I have experienced a similar circumstance before and I am now going to expect a similar outcome to what I experienced before’ or ‘This is how it should be based on what I’ve seen in movies/what society says’. For instance, we may have experienced a gut feeling going into an interview after we have gotten rejected from previous jobs. This gut feeling will tell us that regardless of what we do in this interview, that we will be rejected. The response can be verbalized as something similar to, ‘I have experienced this before, so I should avoid it in order to avoid pain and discomfort.’ So while we may have a gut feeling going into the interview, a fear of rejection, our intuition may be guiding us to this interview so that you can learn something that will help us. The verbalization of our intuition in this circumstance would be similar to, ‘This is where I need to be right now’.

In this circumstance, our intuition would allow us to know that we are exactly where we need to be- putting us in a state of reception vs. the state of fear that our gut is making us feel. When we are in a state of reception, we can fully process and integrate what we are experiencing. This is also known as presence. When we are more fully present or are in a state of presence, we can resolve the conditioned responses our body has retained from past experiences. Using the example from before- we go into a job interview after being rejected from several others- while we may have a feeling that we should leave to avoid the interview to prevent rejection, we also have a feeling that we are exactly where we need to be. We can then align ourselves with the knowledge that we are exactly where we need to be, then we can dissolve the fear response that our body has retained. In doing this, we are then open to receiving the knowledge and experience that is there for us.

When we are in a state of presence, we are in alignment with our growth and evolution. When we are in a state of fear or a conditioned response from past experiences, we are in alignment with a static, unchanging state. A state of presence could be visualized as us in our car driving down the road, smoothly navigating our way to our next destination and enjoying the beauty around us on the way. A state of fear or conditioned response would be like sitting in a room and re-watching the same episode of a show on repeat. The way that we can bring ourselves back to presence is by exercising our intuition.

A very simple and effective way to exercise our intuition is to ‘say it as if we are doing it’. We can start this the moment we wake up by saying, out loud or silently, ‘I am getting out of bed now’. Your body’s response to what you say is your reaction to your intuition. When we say ‘I am getting out of bed now’ and your body feels ‘good’ inside, it means that it is in alignment with your intuition to get out of bed now. If our body has a different reaction such as a contraction or a feeling of pressure inside, it means that what we said is out of alignment with our intuition right now. If we feel numb or feel little/no reaction from what we say, that means that what we said may be in alignment with our intuition, however it is best now to wait and ask ourselves again in a few minutes. We can do this with other things too such as: deciding what we want to eat- ‘I am going to eat ____ now’, deciding to take a drink of water- ‘I am going to drink water now’, activities such as walking or exercising- ‘I am going to _____ now’. Remember, it is important to follow the feelings that your body inwardly responds to because it will strengthen your connection to your intuition.

Oftentimes we may have an impulsive/gut reaction to what we are asking. A good way to separate the reactions is to say something that we know is out of alignment with us. For example, we are choosing what we are going to eat. We have a choice to eat something that we know has an adverse effect on our body or something we know that makes our body feel good. We can then say ‘I am going to eat (The option you know is icky)’ be sure to bring your awareness and focus on that feeling, then say ‘I am going to eat (The option you know will make us feel good)’. By doing this you will now have a very clear feeling of what doing something out of alignment (icky food) and what doing something in alignment (good food) feels like.

This exercise is just one of many we can use. We have found this to be the best exercise for us, however we encourage you to follow your intuition and to find or create your own exercises that work the best for you!

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Thank you for reading, we love you and thank you for being here : )

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