Quartz is a hard crystalline mineral composed of silicon dioxide. It is usually formed from igneous rock- igneous meaning ‘hot’ in Latin as it refers to rock that is formed as a result of magma (molten rock) crystallizing and solidifying. If you can visualize the opposite to how sugar dissolves in water, Quartz crystals form when the molten rock cools and the pressure drops- slower cooling results in larger crystals! Quartz can be found almost anywhere in the world, most noteworthy are the ‘Mother Veins’ called Lemurian Quartz that we will discuss in another post! Quartz also forms and is the base of many common crystals such as Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Citrine, and many more that we will explore later!

Basic Properties:

Quartz has a unique structure that allows it to resonate with almost any frequency. Its basic property is to amplify energy, similar to an electronic transformer, Quartz intakes energy and amplifies its output. Simultaneously, some forms of Quartz like Lemurian Quartz, purify energy as it is amplified in the crystals structure. Quartz also reminds us of our true power and connects us to our soul purpose- the reason that we came here and connecting us to our power to fulfill our purpose!

Zodiac: Quartz aligns with all Zodiac signs, however each sign will feel a unique connection to Quartz- especially depending on where they are in their life! The presence of other minerals in Quartz will change which Zodiac sign it is connected to!

Elements: Quartz aligns with all natural Elements, inclusions or the presence of other minerals in the Quartz may influence its elemental connection.

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