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Through my experience of energy through yoga, meditation, and affirmations, I felt our home and our life needed something more as we, our family of 4, was experiencing some movements in the home for a period of time. I contacted Max and he had an inner connection that helped the issue at hand as well as all 4 of us received crystals that spoke to each of us. I felt and saw change in the mood and energy with each of my two teenage children and husband. I myself felt peace and a shift inwardly. We continue to speak of the energy and the shifts that float throughout our home. Funny thing during Christmas when family visited, many mentioned the relaxed feel and the calming energy. Let's say, the ones that made a comment, are not into energy. I loved to hear that our home is a 'sanctuary' of joy and peace. Thank you Max for your love and light. -Sheila K.


Intuitive balance provides our local community with not only ethically sourced crystals, but also amazing customer service, kindness, and something unheard of in this day and age….unexpected perks and benefits such as free gemstones for the kiddos at the farmers market!! Max is so knowledgeable and his passion and understanding of crystals is evident through his interactions with customers - which effortlessly makes loving crystals contagious.

-Laura S.


No words can describe the time I spent working with the Intuitive Balance, although I can say it changed the trajectory of my life. When I first sought Max, I felt something was missing, I was lost, confused, and down. Max guided me through boosting my spiritual resources which helped improve my healing. I was empowered to turn my mind inward, to a place of peace where I became aligned with my higher self. I then watched as the world became a reflection of my own spiritual practice. This allowed me to clear certain things out of my life (habits, relationships, old belief systems) and invite, new more enriching things in. Thank you Max and The Intuitive Balance for providing me the love, space, and support I needed to start and continue on my journey. -Sydney

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