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Great selections of crystals and
super friendly, 10 out of 10 recommend!

Klady Strong, Google

~ About Healing Crystals ~

Sometimes conventional doesn’t work. We have seen the challenges that people face when current medical or self-help fixes aren’t working and the search for alternatives begins. Answers get lost among fake products, misleading sales directives, and the latest trends. After our own trial and error, we discovered the distinct benefits of crystals. They have helped us, our families, and our communities find solutions to every type of obstacle. We have worked hard to find reliable suppliers with quality products so you don’t have to. Welcome to The Intuitive Balance— a single place where you can find everything you need from basic educational resources on how crystals work to high quality services and ethically sourced crystals.   

~ Events & Healing Workshops ~

We have created a space to offer group or individual educational workshops and services for spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing. Each of our service providers are tried and tested to ensure they meet our standard so that you know you will only be receiving the best care.

For more information check our events calendar!


~ Natural Stone Jewelry ~

We have partnered with Nugent Jewelry to provide the highest quality rings and pendants made from 18k vermeil gold, sterling silver, and natural gemstones. Nugent Jewelry is a company that is dedicated to providing Indian artisans with a safe and productive work environment, to set workplace standards in Jaipur, India and around the world. Their gold and silver products contain 0% Nickel and are lab tested to ensure quality. The brightness of their products, their quality assurance, and their mission is what makes their jewelry exceptional—  to learn more please visit Nugent here!


~ Ethically Sourced Healing Crystals ~

We strive to connect with the most ethical and highest quality suppliers. When you receive something from us, you will know that it is crafted to our standards.


~ Sign Up & Stay Informed ~


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