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~ Customer Reviews ~

I received my beauties in a very timely manner. They are always wrapped so securely. Max has taken a lot of time with me to help me grow stronger with my crystals, and how to bond with them. His knowledge is amazing. I love the way that he approaches the idea of listening to your crystals and let them tell you how to place them. I have bought crystals at other places for very very long time but I can actually feel the energy in these immediately. Thank you Max for all of the time and energy that you have given me😊😊😊

~ Loretta

Stunning rainbow fluorite, and truly above and beyond l customer service. The kind words on a handwritten note and description of my beautiful new addition, along with a thoughtful gift, steller!! Truly wonderful product and experience that will keep me coming back for years, along with spreading the news of this shop to all of my friends. Thank you!

~ Stacy

This crystal is just what I wanted and the seller is wonderful, he's very intuitive and wrote a brief very helpful description of each crystal I ordered and what qualities it carries. Definitely recommend for those of you looking for crystals from a mindful source with good intentions!

~ Annelise

Definitely exceeded my expectations, it came with an intuitively chosen crystal! that was a cute/thoughtful gift, thank you Max! if you’re interested in supporting his small business, I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND! sending you all so much love... <333

~ Jeremiah

Beautiful crystal with sublime energy. I am very happy with the quality of this product.

~ Kara

Gorgeous clear quartz tower!! Better than expected ♥️ Fast delivery!

~ Marina

SO CUTE!! came with a hand written note and an extra crystal that i have been wanting for a while!!! 12/10 will shop here again!

~ Meredith

Beautiful and exactly as described! :) These people are special and I felt the love and respect they have for these precious stones. Thank you so much!

~ Ismail

My experience buying a precious ocean jasper from this store was amazing. The seller is wonderful and kind. Great communication, fast delivery time, and great customer service. Crystal was filled with peaceful and kind energy. I will be shopping here again and will recommend to friends.❤️

~ Christina

Beautiful OJ palms!! Super fast shipping. Great transaction

~ Melanie

Beautiful. Reminds me of the beach. Very securely packed.

~ Ashton

I surprised my daughter with this & she was absolutely ecstatic!! It was beautiful & it looked exactly they way it was described!!!

~ Ann

Perfectly hand picked for me and certainly one I would've picked for myself! Absolutely beautiful as well.

~ Tasha

Sweet stones, accurately represented, super well packed,  timely delivery, good seller communication, recommended!

~ Mark

Thank you so much for all my amazing Crystals, they all came all secured, well packed and so FAST. Max was so helpful and knowledgeable to help me right away with all my questions, i could feel the calming energy from all my crystals that i don’t even want to recharge them. So amazing!!!!!

~ Phuong

I feel like Max is the most genuine person that I could ever trust to help me select my crystals. He responded to my questions in a very timely manner. He made me feel comfortable asking as well. I am absolutely in love with all of them!!! Thank you so much Max for all of your energy, time and respect that you showed me. 🔮🔮🔮✨✨✨

~ Loretta

The Azurite geode I ordered from Max at "The Intuitive Balance" looked EXACTLY as pictured on the site& arrived swiftly & safely cushioned! It is the 1st of further orders I hope to make! As any can see, blue azurite is a VERY bright,but rich& very DEEP, Royal Blue! RB favorite color but been especially drawn to it this year&last.This shop really appreciates Azurite's energy&BeautyMax also wrote a handwritten note listing the effect it can have upon when you keep it near, the qualities it can help develop or strengthen; the positive & Healing energies it has & attracts. He invites you to contact them there with any questions. Also enclosed was a GIft(I'dNotMentioned Larimer!): a LARGE, perfect powderBlueLarimer! The Intuitive Balance not only appreciates Azurite & Good Energy, but IS actually INTUITIVE too!! Check them out!! XO

~ Mari

Absolutely amazing pieces that have guided me through meditations and healing. Each piece is cleansed so perfectly, they’re always ready as soon as you are. I would always recommend and refer anyone ready to start their journey with crystals, or continue it, to look through what Intuitive Balance has to offer. Everything here is so powerful and unlike any other crystals I’ve had before.

~ Gigi

I ordered one geode crystal and Max included 3 more that he intuitively chose for me! Max seemed to know exactly what I needed right now and chose the right minerals to aide me. I haven’t had any other experience like this with buying crystals. He gave me lots of information on all of the minerals given to me. I will for sure be returning to his shop!

~ Miranda

When I opened the package I was delighted to see a lovely handwritten note and a special gift of gold rutilated quartz in addition to the geode I ordered. Thank you 💕

~ Aly

What an amazing piece and I received a gift personalized to me :) Thank you Max! You are a special kind of soul 💞

~ Anastacia

Max is amazing and very helpful. I haven’t bought a crystal from anyone anyone else since I purchased my first ones from him

~ Loretta

Seller was excellent. Product was excellent. Lots of love put into this business.

~ Tara

One of the most beautiful and powerful pieces I’ve ever had. I instantly felt a connection, I was given all of the messages I needed to hear. Every piece I’ve had from Intuitive Balance always gives me a feeling as I’ve finally gotten something that has been missing all along.

~ Gigi

Absolutely loved my crystal's! I will definitely be buying more!! Thank you for being so wonderful 💖

~ Candace

Everything came in perfect condition, I would definitely buy from here again.

~ Nevaeh

It came really quickly!! Good product!

~ Mykenzie

Beautiful stones, beautifully packaged and perfect for me! Max is very knowledgeable as well. Overall, great purchase!

~ Tasha

This is my favourite ocean jasper. I LOVE It!

~ Gabrielle

Somehow the geode I received is even more blue and beautiful than the seller's pictures. Absolutely gorgeous!

~ Jamie

Absolutely beautiful pieces. Shipment arrived within days.

~ Jacqueline

A very delicate item came undamaged. Shipping was very fast.

~ Alysa

Shipping was quick, communication with the shop was excellent. I’m so pleased with my Azurite and will be sure to shop here again.

~ IceQueenA

Everything was here in a timely matter, and Max is just amazing with all of his help! The transaction was easy and very pleasing

~ Loretta

Happy to have it. Thanks!

~ Jennifer

Love it! There was an issue with my order, and Max was super quick to get it fixed and great to work with. Shipping was quick, and overall happy with the experience that came with this order!

~ Jamie

First Item i received was much much smaller than expected, When i reached out to the seller he was happy to send me a different size that exceeded my expectations! Seller included free gift. Awesome seller experience!

~ Jaxon

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