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~ Max Knauf ~

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to help heal people. When I was younger, I wanted to be a priest so badly because those were the individuals I was taught were to lead our community in a positive direction- not to mention ‘blessed’ by divine intervention to heal people. Funny, right? This dream was short lived as I began to see deeper into the religious aspects that dominated and oppressed our subculture. Not to hit on religion, just that the area I came from was extraordinarily toxic and negative. My next big goal was to become a medical doctor. My dads side of the family was filled with a


collection of highly successful and amazingly talented doctors. My sights were set on becoming an MD. Because with a MD, ‘I could do anything that I wanted, practice and teach anything I felt connected to and people would listen.’ Or so I was told.


I pursued this career through college, becoming the first student to experience the new medical college in Green Bay, Wisconsin at 16 years old. I was on track to graduate college early and start my medical journey when I experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury at a New Year's Eve Celebration that left me with no recollection of any memory. I had experienced concussions before, but this time I woke up with a complete disconnection to every memory I had experienced in the past 19 years. We went to and explored every Doctor, every Medical Professional and every Specialist we could find. Every time we went to a doctor, the only response I received was: ‘you’re faking it’, ‘this is not possible’, ‘there is no cure’, ‘there is no way to fix this’, ‘we need to medicate you immediately’. We even experienced an event where we were blocked from leaving in attempts to force us to medicate. We found our peace and rescue in an authentic doctor of Chinese Medicine- recommending acupuncture and an osteopathic doctor that recommended us to cognitive therapy. This began our journey through holistic alternatives to our path of self discovery. What I learned from these professionals was a complete change from western approach. We went from ‘take this’ or ‘I’ll be the one to fix this’ or ‘this procedure will eliminate your symptoms’. To ‘we are restoring your body to heal itself’ to ‘you have the ability to heal yourself’.


Through this life-changing experience in ‘medical’ care, I continued my schooling with the thought that I could integrate these ideologies into western medicine to help the people who feel drawn to it. At the time when I was in college, these ideologies were harshly rejected, to say the least. I was laughed at, made fun of, and bullied by professors, colleagues, and peers alike. After experiencing a critical moment in my living situation, I felt completely ostracized and disconnected from the community that surrounded me. From the college party lifestyle to the rigid and, at the time, unchanging structure of my schooling; I knew this was no longer my place. I left college with only a couple classes separating me from graduating with my degree. I used the time and money I would have spent on my last classes to travel the country, searching for platforms, medicines, practices, anything that I thought would allow me to reach other people to help them.


During this time, I found and dove more deeply into alternative and holistic practices including, ayurvedic medicine, osteopathic practices, reiki and other ‘energy healing’ methodologies. I found the unconscious connection that people have to crystals and music, to food and [physical-emotional touch. I started to use crystals more seriously in my healing and found extraordinary success and improvement in the conditions that I had been experiencing over the past few years from my previous injuries. I experienced enormous acceleration in my healing and recovery as well as experiencing a life I had not thought possible- including peaceful sleep, emotional balance and physical-spiritual awareness. I began to spend my paychecks and the money I had left on more and more crystals, both for myself and to give away to friends, family, and people I met.


I started a booth in our local community Farmer’s Market and the rest is history. We now have a storefront, currently supply two Farmer’s Markets, and support both the Elkhart Lake and Sheboygan communities here in Wisconsin. I am beyond blessed for the support I received and continue to receive from my family, friends and community. I am here today because of your generosity and will continue to be here to help you in any way I can. The platform and industry I am building will always be centered around the things that can bring you the highest health and happiness. I deeply appreciate and love you. 


To connect with me more, please feel free to reach out or meet me at one of our markets. Peace and Love.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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