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The effects and qualities that crystals have are a result of their natural energetic state. When a crystal is said to be ‘calming’ What it really means is that crystal is consistently producing a calming energy frequency; that when we are around that energy we will become calm as a result.


Another way of thinking about this concept is music. Have you ever listened to music and felt differently after you listened to a certain song? For instance, a sad song makes you feel sad. A happy song makes you feel happy. An exciting song makes you feel energized etc. This is because music is energy in the form of sound. When you listen to music or experience different sounds, you will feel different things- both emotionally and physically. You experience feeling from sounds and other forms of energy because your body harmonizes its own energy with the energy that is around you.


Have you ever been to a music concert or a large group gathering where there is music and notice the majority of the people there are all moving in a similar way? This is a great example of how the human body harmonizes itself in tune with its environment. Knowing this, you can think of crystals as emitting energy, much like headphones or a speaker. Instead of hearing the energy as you would with music, your body reacts to it as its environment.


A similar phenomenon is when you have been around a genuinely happy or excited  person and feel happy as a result of just being around them. When you carry crystals with you, keep them in your car or integrate them into your home and workplace, you will be creating a different environment by changing the energy of yourself and the space around you. You are changing the energy of yourself and your surroundings because the crystals will be projecting their energy into the space- changing the energy of the space and the people in it.


A great way to visualize the effect of different sized crystals would be to refer to smaller crystals as being headphones and large crystals as larger speakers. If you want to listen to music while you’re walking, driving or in public- you’d most likely use headphones, right? Smaller crystals would then be the perfect for these circumstances. If you are wanting to listen to music at work or at home, and you want to feel it more powerfully or you want to be able to hear the music in more than one place, you’ll most likely use a bigger speaker or speakers, right? Larger crystals would be the appropriate solution for these circumstances. While smaller crystals are still emitting energy, the energy is going to have a limited effect on the environment due to its size, while larger crystals are going to be emitting energy over a much larger space at a much higher/more powerful frequency. 

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