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Updated: Feb 4

The deep juicy purple crystal that we all know and love. Amethyst is a wonderful companion offering protection and feelings of peace, serenity and strength. Amethyst is also known as the crystal of sobriety, helping to end addictive tendencies by showing us how to fall in love with the present as it is and to love ourselves as we are. It also shows us the avenues to create the reality that we want to live and how easily we can step into it. 

Amethyst can be easily found in most places in the world, my favorite localities come from Africa, specifically Rwanda and Namibia. Here the amethyst is very dark purple and will not fade in the sunlight making for a really cool outside crystal placement. My other favorites are Elestial Amethyst that comes from Brazil. The most famous localities of Amethyst undoubtedly come from Uruguay and the mountains that separate Brazil from Uruguay known as Chuchilla Grande and Chuchilla de Haedo. The pieces that come from here are extraordinarily deep translucent purple with small crystals giving it a very ‘sparkly’ effect. One of the best known examples of Uruguayan Amethyst is sitting in the Museum of Natural History. Click here to see it. 

Amethyst’s energetic properties are unique because of its metal content. Like Clear Quartz it’s energetic characteristics allow it to intake, process and project energies. Uniquely, it has a very specific processing that specifically targets lower based vibratory energies, intaking them and then using higher vibratory energies to purify them before projecting them back into the environment. Pieces like this are great anywhere you are seeing anxiety, grief, stress and tension to name a few.

To best work with amethyst I recommend having at least 2 pieces. One piece to carry- my preference would be a worry stone or pocket piece from Africa and a larger cluster for your bedroom or meditation space. Carrying the crystal with you will give you a sense of its protective and healing qualities throughout your day while having the larger crystal at home will give you a sense of the environmental changes it can make in your space. 

This crystal is great for anyone who is experiencing any kind of negativity or bad luck. It will help to ward away negativity and also to repel any sort of energetic/psychic attacks. It also helps to dissolve curses and other energy related ailments. 

Amethyst is also great for physical recovery, specifically the recovery of the muscular and nervous body. It also helps with red blood cell production specifically by increasing the health of bone marrow. It is also very helpful in recovering from nervous and muscular degenerative diseases. 

The easiest way to utilize amethyst would be to hold or sit near it, visualize a light the color of your amethyst surrounding your body externally and internally. Move the light through your body until you feel no resistance and fluid movement. If there are any areas where it feels numb or tense, concentrate your awareness and the light on that area until movement is restored.

Amethyst is my #1 suggestion for larger pieces in a space. If you are looking for your first big piece, I recommend Amethyst not only because of its affordability and beauty but also because it will cleanse your space while setting a solid foundation for you to build off of before you integrate more crystals.

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