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Crystals From Different Countries: What Does it Mean?

Updated: Mar 10

Crystals come from all over the world. Oftentimes you will see me refer to crystals from specific countries/localities for different qualities or collecting purposes- what does this mean?

The place a crystal grows determines not only its structure, but also its color, size and energetic qualities. 

To keep things simple, when you are deciding between crystals from different localities for any reason that is not aesthetically related, look at what the energy of that locality is- not its geopolitical state but its genuine physical location. For instance, crystals from most African localities will have a very primal assertive energy. Crystals from Madagascar will have a very light ‘in the air’ energy to them. Crystals from Russia have the most beautiful and amazingly powerful energy to them; these are just a few examples. 

When you are looking specifically at crystals for aesthetics, it is very easy to compare pictures online or in person between the different crystal species. A very easy comparison is Rose Quartz, look up a provider or online for Rose Quartz from three separate localities. Look up Rose Quartz from: Africa, Brazil, and Madagascar. You will see a very distinct difference in the clarity, color and overall personality of each crystal type. African Rose Quartz has a very electric bubblegum pink to it with a very confident and forward personality. Brazilian Rose Quartz will have a gemmy depth but will have contrasts of blue and white with a reserved yet assertive personality. Madagascar Rose Quartz will have a very uniquely gemmy and soft look with a very happy and reserved personality. 

If you are a collector now, you may notice that you have an abundance of crystals from one country or another- this is most likely because you are inherently drawn to the energetic qualities of that specific country or locality. When something is grown in a place, it takes on the resonant energy qualities that are specifically unique to that place. Crystals that we see now grew millions of years ago- please make sure to look at the purely physical energies of the locality vs its geopolitical standing when making a decision. The geopolitical qualities that we experience now didn’t exist millions of years ago. In the crystals’ perspective, what we see now is less than a fraction of its existence. 

If you have any questions about what localities are best, please reach out to me at or check out my blog posts regarding those specific crystal types as I often refer to which localities are the best to use for specific situations. As always, my perception is limited to my experience, please use your intuition and listen to what you are drawn to when selecting the crystal that is best for you 

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