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Crystals for Beginners

Updated: Feb 4

This article is going to be about what crystals to get if you are just starting out or if you are looking for your first big crystal for your home/business. 

To start, it is always best to follow your intuition. When choosing a crystal for yourself and your home/business, the most important thing is where you get it from. What I mean by that is, there are so many different places to get crystals from. Whether in-person or online, there are overpriced and mishandled crystals being sold every day. While being overpriced may not be an issue for some of us, mishandled crystals are something we will all pay for. When crystals are mishandled or are coming from negative environments such as: dark/negative store spaces, mining situations where the crystals have been stolen and/or slaves are used to harvest, places where the crystals are repaired or enhanced with artificial techniques, and more, just to name a few. 

If you are ever skeptical of where your crystals are coming from, feel free to reach out to us or to reach out to your trusted crystal/mineral professional. 

The reason that it matters so much where your crystals are coming from is because the crystals imprint the energy from where they are from. If the crystal is coming from a neglected place or negative environment, the crystal will bring that energy back into your space unless you take the time to properly cleanse it before. If a crystal is coming from a place where it was correctly handled and cared for in a positive way, it is going to bring that very nurturing positive energy into your space. Very little cleansing is necessary when taking these crystals from the supplier to your space. Cleansing is still the best thing you can do for the crystal before you install it because it gives the crystal an opportunity to come into the space with a clean energy state so that it can begin working right away. Crystals can become fatigued and can take on the energy of anyone/anything that it is working with. Some examples of this are that crystals can take on the energy of the employees working at the space and the shoppers that come into the store. Crystals can also take on energy from around them while traveling- it is best to cleanse them using sage if possible. For more information, visit our "How to Cleanse Crystals" Blog Post.

If you are looking for your first crystal for personal or healing use, please use your intuition. Find a store with a positive environment and positive reviews and allow yourself to look through their offerings to find one that speaks/connects with you. The ones that connect with you will be very obvious as they will stand out to you, or you will come back to them. You will feel yourself drawn to them almost as if you’re magnetized to them. When choosing your first ones, I recommend starting off with at least one medium sized piece for your bedroom and one piece to carry with you. 

To start with some beginner-friendly crystals, I suggest quartz-type crystals. These would include: Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz etc. The reason why these crystals are beginner-friendly is because Quartz has a very flexible energy that is not too intense and is focused on balancing. The overall theme of Quartz is to heal imbalances and to bring about a sense of calm, healing and peace. Quartz also has the ability to cleanse itself which makes it very easy to maintain. 

Amethyst is a fantastic starting crystal. It’s energy is great to set the intention of your space, to get it ready for change and to resolve any residual stagnant energy or tension. 

Rose Quartz is a great first crystal if you feel the need for self love/acceptance.

Clear Quartz is a great first crystal if you feel that you need healing. 

While all crystals are great crystals for beginners, the one I recommend is Amethyst. One natural (rough) piece of Amethyst and one polished piece of Amethyst will be the perfect starter. The rough piece will be for your bedroom and the polished piece will be for you to carry with you in your pocket during the day. For more information on Amethyst, visit our "Amethyst" Blog Post.

The bedroom is the best first place to have your crystals because when you are sleeping, you are the most relaxed which is the best time for your body to utilize the new energy of the crystals. Carrying the crystals in your pockets is great because it gives you the opportunity to work with that energy to help you during your day. For more information, read our "Crystal 101" Blog post. 

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