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Updated: Mar 10

Malachite is an absolutely wonderful mineral that can be used for a variety of healing purposes as well as be one of the most stunning pieces of your collection.

Let’s first address the biggest myth of Malachite- its supposed toxicity. While it is composed mainly of copper, unless you are grinding it into a powder and either inhaling a large amount of it or ingesting a large amount of it, you will have no issues with it. However please be aware that ingesting or inhaling a large amount of copper could be detrimental to your health. 

The second myth is that any water exposure will ruin Malachite. If you are talking about a rough or fibrous specimen of Malachite, prolonged exposure to water may break down the mineral structure of Malachite but it will not be harmed if water is used to clean off the dust. Please do not use a brush or cloth if you are cleaning a rough/fibrous piece of Malachite as any abrasion will most likely damage the delicate structure. More delicate pieces of fibrous Malachite can be damaged by exposure to water so please use discretion. 

Malachite has been used for centuries to help heal pain, bruising, and infection among a plethora of health ailments. Tribes in Africa have used Malachite in this way by tying a piece of Malachite to their pain/aliment area and then throwing it away/burying it when the pain goes away. It has also been used in the past as medicine when ground up in small amounts. As copper is toxic, please do not try this without a doctor. 

The energetic properties of Malachite, while being amazing for helping to heal pain or physical  ailments, are related to nature-based medicine. Think of the Native Medicine Man/Woman or a Tribal Healer. Malachite connects us to the Ancient sources of natural healing and wisdom. Malachite can also help to activate dormant healing gifts/powers.

The Malachite that I prefer to use comes from African Localities. I also really enjoy working with Russian Malachite when possible. African Malachite has been the most efficient, that I have found, to help heal physical pain and other related ailments including blood detox and lung complications. Russian Malachite, in my experience, has been more closely related to the effects of awakening dormant/innate healing gifts and powers- connecting you into that ancient healing wisdom. All Malachite will express the general properties that I spoke about earlier but everyone will have their own unique preference to which Malachite they use- please use your intuition when selecting your Malachite and please ensure it is ethically sourced!

Fake malachite is very common in carvings and jewelry, especially bracelets. Genuine malachite is heavy and the banding patterns are irregular. The banding colors are also varied, please consult an expert or send us pictures when you are choosing malachite from another source to ensure it is authentic. 

Check out our website or contact us to see what Malachite and what Malachite we can get in for you. Have a beautiful day

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