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Are You Getting Your Crystals From the Right Place?

Updated: Feb 2

Are you getting your crystals from the right place?

This is a question that many people have asked me throughout my years in the professional crystal industry. My answer is simple. The people you get crystal from is a good indication of how crystals will be when you get them. Crystals, like us, are masters at adapting to their environment. They become their environment in order to blend in and to become in flow with the greater driving force of their surroundings so as not to be crushed or shut out from their close world. While the inner energy and power of crystals may be pure, they will intake a large portion of the environment they came from into themselves. It can take them years to restore themselves to their authentic expression, especially if they come from a negative/karmic heavy environment.

These are the best places to get your crystals from:

The best places to get your crystals are the places that you can see yourself spending an abundance of time in and enjoying every moment. If you love the people and the place, it’s a good indication you’re also going to thoroughly love the products that come out of it.

Crystals are just like their keepers:

The people who spend the most time in the places you get your crystals from are how your crystals will be. If the people there are genuinely happy and uplifting, you can expect the crystals to be the same. If the people there are dark, negative and life sucking, you can expect the same from the crystals or rather anything that comes from there. Choose your people and the crystals will choose you

Can Crystals be cleansed from negative environments?

Yes, Crystals can be cleansed and restored from any environment. In my personal experience, be very careful to what extent you go on a crystal rescue mission. I still have crystals in my possession that I rescued from a company that was going to throw them in the garbage from being damaged during shipping. Do I regret bringing them in? No. However, know that the majority of the ones I rescued have been sitting outside in a safe place for 4 years, they still are not fully restored.

If you plan on rescuing a crystal, expect it to need a long time to rest and restore itself before you can work with it. Please do not force them to work with you, this will only prolong their resting period and further damage their beings.

What does a good crystal provider look like?

When you enter a good crystal shop, you will feel uplifted and energized. You will feel safe. If you are sensitive you may get overwhelmed around a lot of energy- to differentiate this from negative spaces, pay attention to how your physical body is reacting. In negative places, you will feel uncomfortable pressure and even physical pain when you walk in.

The space will be clean and the crystals will be nicely and safely organized. You can tell if they respect the crystals by how they’re kept. Are they all bunched together- damaging each other? Are they neatly arranged and respectfully kept? These are all things to look for when deciding where you will get your crystals from.

Buying crystals online:

The best way to tell if you’re buying from a good company online is to look at their owners and their reviews. Look at their eyes and their faces, look for genuine passion, excitement and love. Look for massively majority positive reviews from people who write and have preferences similar to yours.

We are always open to helping you get the crystals you need, especially if we don’t have access to them. Please contact us if you need any assistance searching for crystals or looking for a reputable company.

Enjoy every day. Everything has been written by the same hand.


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