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Cleansing Crystals: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Feb 2

Cleansing crystals is a unique topic as it is often seen as an isolated technique or practice entirely separate from our own everyday skill sets and knowledge.

To make things simple, treat crystals as you would a person or yourself. Do you use Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse yourself or your space? Crystals love the same. Sage and Palo Santo have properties that allow them to neutralize positive ions which are what causes disease in humans and animals alike. Use Sage and Palo Santo for crystals, just as you would for yourself, the same properties will be imbued onto the crystals.

Have you ever taken a shower to destress? Crystals love the same thing. Fresh, clean water that is NOT ocean or salt water cleanses the crystals energy just the same as it does for us. It helps us to realign our energy by allowing us to release energetic waste into the water as well as helping us realign the molecular structure of our body- mostly water. The same thing works with the crystals. Let them (water safe crystals only) soak in fresh clean water, spring water if possible, or let them relax as you pour it over them. Not only does it clean the dust off, it cleans their energy too!

Have you ever taken a nap to refresh yourself? Crystals can do the same thing. After working, they love to be able to rest next to a clean open space- their own ‘bed’ per say. A clean open space may look like your bedroom nightstand, a dedicated corner of your bathroom table, or an altar. Somewhere they can be close to you but also in their own space and away from work. This will work best for crystals that you carry with you or work with on a consistent basis. Crystals that you have in your house or business space will be best benefited by clean surroundings, plants, moving water if possible and fresh air if possible. Indirect light is also beneficial if you can.

How often should you cleanse your crystals? The answer varies. The most accurate answer, but the most ambiguous is; when you feel to cleanse them. This is how you’ll know. When you are carrying a crystal with you, that part of your body should feel lighter. If it feels heavy or somewhat like a ‘charlie horse’ bruise. It’s time to cleanse. Another indicator is if you feel less energized carrying them than when you were not carrying them. For your home, car, or business, you will feel a sense of heaviness or the crystals may look cloudy or dull. When this happens; Sageing (smudging) them, placing plants around them and placing fresh water around them will help them to refresh. You can also tell them or ask them to sleep during the night or to work collectively and refresh each other as needed. Some crystals that are very overworked may need to spend time outside in a safe place. This means putting their crystals face down on a soft surface or in the dirt to spend time outside until they are refreshed. Some crystals that need this may be refreshed in a few hours or days. Others may take months or even years to restore themselves. Please honor them if they wish to stay outside.

Crystals are just like us, Living Beings. They need rest and relaxation just as much as we do. They need a positively arranged environment that best supports them in their mission and their purpose, just as we do. Cater to them as much as you can, do the same for yourself when you cleanse them and they will reward you greatly. Think of your relationship as symbiotic, working together rather than them working for you.

Everything has been written by the same hand. You always have everything you need.


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