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Crystal Energy is Real! Here's How They Work

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Crystals and metaphysics have been a highly controversial and oftentimes extraordinarily polarizing topic in today's world.

I'm here to keep things very simple and show you how these wonderful beings work in a way that we can all understand.

Have you ever listened to music and felt emotions while you were listening? Perhaps you felt sadness during a sad song or euphoria during an uplifting new hit single. Have you ever been around someone so infectiously happy or positive that you couldn't help but feel the same? Have you ever been around someone so negative that they sucked the life out of you? These experiences, where you felt something without directly making contact with or without physically intaking something into your body are called quantum interactions. Crystals work the same way. They give off energy, just as a song or a positive person does. Their energy directly affects the environment and the people around them. Have you ever seen a group of people listening to the same music? Have you noticed that they are all moving the same way? This is the same concept. Our bodies are masters of adaptation and adapt themselves to mimic or 'fit in' with our environments. For example, if you are around someone who is so intensely positive, your environment becomes positive. You, as a result, will copy what your environment is doing in order to best fit into what is surrounding you.

When you have crystals around or with you, they are constantly emitting their own energy. We call this an EMF, or an electromagnetic field. Everything in this world emits one, even electronics! When you are around a crystal that is said to be 'calming' or whichever characteristics it has, you will feel calm simply as a result of being around it. When a crystal is giving off a pure frequency, or energy, that positively benefits your body, your body will begin to copy that energy. What is really happening is that, on a physical level, the water molecules in your body are arranging themselves to be the same as or as closely as they can be to the external stimulus that is around it. When you are holding a calming crystal and your body is aware that it is not calm but would be benefited by being calm, the water molecules in your body will mimic the energy of the crystal, creating a calming effect in your own body. In essence, you become what surrounds you. The energies that you give importance to are what your body becomes.

To experience this, simply place a crystal in your left hand. Now visualize this crystal as a glowing light in your hand- it can be any color but works best when it is the same color as the crystal. Now visualize your body taking that light energy into itself and becoming the same color as the crystal is. You may feel a tingling sensation, pressure, or movement. If you feel any numbness, simply bring your awareness to where you lost feeling until the feeling restores itself. After you have visualized that your entire body is becoming the same light energy as the crystal in your hand. The result is that all of the molecules in your body have harmonized with the light energy of the crystal, producing the feeling of the crystal in your body.

To experience and feel crystals, is simply to experience and feel ourselves on a deeper and more intentional focus.

Everything has been written by the same hand.


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