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Rose Quartz

Updated: Feb 4

Rose Quartz is oftentimes referred to as the Crystal of Love. It is fantastic for its ability to assist us in attracting new love and romantic connections. What is not commonly known about Rose Quartz are its astounding healing properties. 

To start, let’s talk about how to use Rose Quartz and where to use it in your life and your home. 

Rose Quartz is great for the bedroom as well as healing spaces. In the bedroom it provides a nurturing and uplifting environment, promoting healthy and open emotions. It is also great to have with you when you are experiencing challenging situations where there is tension and strong emotions. Rose Quartz helps to set the pace for the emotions in the room and line up the positive outcome that everyone is wanting deep down. It helps us to let go of old and stagnant emotions, thoughts and hurt feelings so that we can embrace and open ourselves to new opportunities that we previously thought were out of our control. 

The mechanics of Rose Quartz are quite fascinating. The inclusory material of Rose Quartz is called Dumortierite. Rose Quartz actually has a blue hew to it- this is the Dumortierite in the Quartz matrix! The Dumortierite turns blue when it is exposed to temperatures of over 1000°F. This inclusory material makes the function of Rose Quartz quite unique in that it magnetizes stagnant energies into its matrix and breaks them apart inside of its structure. Imagine something being sucked into a bubble and then being broken down into its atomic components- so cool!! This makes it a wonderful healer for any emotional or physical ailment that is a result of stagnation. Ailments like this are cancers, emotional traumas and also a variety of other ailments that stagnations can be the root cause of. 

To use Rose Quartz for love, I recommend using Rose Quartz from Madagascar, place two or more pieces- as many love connections you would like to attract- and place them on a safe and spacious table in the southwest corner of your bedroom. When placing them, be very specific with your intentions as this is a very powerful placement. My intention when placing mine was to allow my partner(s) to know that my space was set to receive them and that it was safe to come in. The first time that I tried this, I just set them up without an intention and I was flooded with messages and approached by admirers starting the next day, which was great, however these admirers were different from what I was working to attract into my life. I reset the Rose Quartz with proper intentions and have been wonderfully met with positive interactions that are in alignment with what I am working to attract. 

To use Rose Quartz for healing, I recommend using Rose quartz from Africa or Brazil. I also recommend placing a piece of Colombian Lemurian Quartz or high vibratory quartz- Blue mist and Russian Lemurian quartzes are great- in your left hand and place a piece of  Rose quartz on your body where the condition resides and also hold a larger piece of Rose quartz in your right hand. Visualize a white light or energy coming into your body through the Clear Quartz in your left hand and pushing out the ailments as a black sludge into the Rose Quartz crystals. Repeat this process as many times as you feel you need daily. The Rose Quartz will most likely turn color- oftentimes black. When it changes color please abstain from using that piece and place that piece in a plant or in the soil outside until the color returns to clear and pink. Rough pieces of Rose Quartz work the best for these applications but carved/polished Rose Quartz will also work just fine. 

If looking for Quartz pieces for home decor, I recommend African Rose Quartz for outdoor or carved installations- the color of African Rose Quartz is bright bubblegum pink and its color will stay true in the sunlight. Brazilian and Madagascan Rose Quartz are both respectively gorgeous. Madagascar Rose Quartz will often give you very gemmy clear windows while Brazilian Rose Quartz will give you striking colors but not as much translucence as Madagascar. Please make sure you look at several samples of each kind before you decide. If you are looking for Rose Quartz to use in Landscaping or are looking for a custom piece, please contact us at

If you are a collector and are looking for rare Rose Quartz pieces, I recommend searching for crystallized African and Brazilian Rose Quartz. Since the inclusory material in Rose Quartz is so heavy, it often does not form terminated crystals. Crystallized Rose Quartz are extraordinarily rare and challenging to come across in large quantities. Pieces are usually small but they are absolutely beautiful. 

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